Creating a Dashboard

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A Dashboard is flexible container used for managing multiple Forms on one Web Page. This is an overview of what a Dashboard is and how to create one using XPOR System Modeller.


What is a Dashboard?

A Dashboard consists of one or more Columns each with one or more Panels:

A Panel is essentially a Form Atom built into the Dashboard which allows the form to be closed, collapsed, dragged and more (for how to use these functions see additional help resource). You can also give each Panel in a Dashboard its own unique Permissions, so you can give different users different access to the panels on a Web Page.

A Column is an invisible 'sub container' within the Dashboard. Columns work by evenly dividing up a dashboard into portions in the same way the text in a newspaper is divided into columns. If you only have one Column in a Dashboard then there is no effect, however if you have more than one Column on a Dashboard then the Panels in the Dashboard will be split up between the Columns.

Creating a Dashboard

Dashboards are created using XPOR System Modeller and the process is very straightforward. If you click the 'Manage Dashboards' button on the Home tab in Modeller you will be presented with a list of all of the Dashboards that exist in your system. You can click on one to edit it or you can add a new one by clicking the 'Add Dashboard' button (next to the Manage Dashboards button).

1. Give the new dashboard a 'Dashboard Name' that will be used in modeller and a 'Display Name' that will display in the front end of the Xpor System

2. On the Dashboard Editor tab you can see that your new dashboard has by default one Column with one Panel in it. You can add more using the Interface Editor on the top menu (see image below).
3. By double clicking on a Panel you can edit its details. You can set a Header that will display in the front end of the system and set the fixed height of the Panel. The two remaining features on a Panel are 'Is Default' and 'Is Optional'. The 'Is Default' property is a True/False value, it determines whether or not a Panel will be automatically displayed on a new users Dashboard. The 'Is Optional' property is also a True/False value, it determines whether or not users are allowed to hide a Panel from their dashboard.

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