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Sometimes you will want to reconfigure your e-mail settings, for instance, for the purpose of a new campaign, or to add new sites. You can do this through Email Settings which is an option on the Control Panel in the backend. It allows you to quickly access your domains and providers, configure their settings and add new domains or providers.


To open the Email Settings manager, open your backend and open the Start XPOR menu from the top left. From there, navigate to the Control Panel option to the right. You'll be met with the different Control Panel options; we're after the E-mail Settings one this time, so double click on that.

You will open the following window:

Email Settings

Authorised Domains

These are your e-mail domains. All e-mail accounts will include these domains in their address and will match with 

Email Providers

Here you'll find more details about each provider, such as their servers and ports. If you chose to host with Webree, this will be automatically filled out; otherwise you will be able to customise your providers when you set up with your host server.


This will also be automatically filled out with the domain name you receive when you first get your XPOR licence. If you'd like to add more domains, you'll need to have registered the domain name itself! By adding the domain here you'll be able to set up email accounts on that domain. 

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