Content Management

Editing Web Pages

Editing a web page is simple. Web pages are made from Templates;

Object Modeller - Basic Template

which provide a skeleton structure into which we locate Atoms (functions) - positioned exactly where you need them.


Web pages can also be created easily, positioned in the architecture of your website, using front end features.

Add Pages


When you create a web page with a Template you only have to configure the Atoms on that Template.  For example you might want to write some text onto the page, or configure a registration function to put users in a selected group, or present a specific form or ...???

Atom Config

In some cases you might want to change the Atom type that has been presented on the template, to a different Atom type - just for that Page.  You can achieve this ON THE PAGE, rather than having to add in a whole new Template. To change atom type hold down CTRL and click the atom.

You can also "Push" changes back to the source template - or "Pull" default atom settings back from the source Template.

 Push and Pull Atom Config

Web pages can have multiple addresses, alternative names, be under more than one website and in more than one location in websites.

Altogether, a great deal of flexibility and a large list of in-built features, providing rapid control and management of web pages.

The attached video demonstrates the use of the Front End editing functions.