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Associations are a special feature of Xpor, enabling you to build a system that makes sense to you and how you see the real world.


By Default we provide you with core Association Types that you can use with the core Object Types.  For example, a document may have been written by one of your users.  You can see this as;

... easy to comprehend as it mirrors the real world.  The Object Types (Contact and Document) are standard Xpor object types, provided with your installation.  More than this, you can use Xpor Modeller to create your own Object Types AND Assocation Types.  So, for example, you may want to have Users "referee" the Authors Document.  So you can create a new Association Type, called Referee, and set the Association in Xpor Modeller, to give you;

Now, your Users can either be Authors or Referees (or both) for Documents.

Association Directions

Associations join two objects in a descriptive manner.  In the previous example it was easy to comprehend that the Contact was the Author of the Document.  However, in other cases it is not so simple.  For example;

In this case, the "Patient" association between two contact objects does not adequately describe their real world association.  One of them is a doctor and one a patient!  Consequently the Association Type is built with a Left and Right description;

This is nothing more than a simple representation of the real word.

Limiting your model and association types

We don't need to totally model the real world!  In our example of the doctor patient association, it may also be the case that the patient is the mechanic who services the doctors car, or the father of the boy who is dating the doctors daughter or ... an infinite potential of associations.

But your service should only be designed to deliver its' purpose.  Extraneous detail should not be included if it has no bearing on that purpose. 


Associations are the glue that hold your objects together.  You can create new association Types in Modeller and then set which Object Types are connected with these association types.  Then, when you make objects in your website, you can use the Associations (tab) to position your objects appropriately.

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