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Objects can have several different types of properties, including a File property.  The File property enables us to upload a file as a property  of an object type.  For example, users have "Avatars" as properties - uploaded to the user object.  In the Object Editor form we can add a File control that allows both the uploading and viewing of the file.

The uploaded file is created and held as a property of the object concerned.  Object field type "File" does not restrict the file type that can be added as a property of the Object Type.  Instead, the restriction is managed by the File control that is used to upload the file to the object.

The File control refers to an independent Table, called FileManager_File_Types.  This is where the control is managed for the types of File (extensions) that can be uploaded to the web service via this control.  The XPOR administrator is provided access to this table, to edit it as they see fit, via the XPOR admin system, in the Control Panel tables.

The attached Video demonstrates the addition of a File property to an Object Type, the File control (added to the Object Editor form) and the use of a File type of column on a Grid.

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