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The Twitter object allows you connect your twitter profile to the XPOR system. This will allow you to use it in various ways such as the twitter lister atom.


Account Connection

First you must open (or create) your twitter object. Navigate to the Settings tab and look for the "Connect" button (its located on the top left, please see image). 

Assuming you have not already connected this twitter object a new tab will open and connect you to twitter. You will need to enter your twitter account details and click "Authorise app".

Once pressed you will be presented with the same screen except this on this iteration you will have been signed in. From here you will simply need to press the "Authorise app" button again. The tab should close and return you to the twitter object.

Linking Lists

You can also connect lists that you have on your twitter account to XPOR as well. If the list existed the account before connecting your twitter account then it would have been automatically retrieved, if this is not the case then continue reading. 

If you've recently added a list and want it linked to XPOR then all you have to do is navigate to the "Lists" tabs and click the "Refresh Lists" button on the top right. This will import any new lists that haven't already been imported. 



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