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The biggest challenge with News on a website is deciding the best way to broadcast it to your followers. XPOR enables you with several popular options.


News has always been a challenge (opportunity!) for web sites.  The big problem in general with News is getting it across to your users and competing for their attention / time.  However, web based technologies are now a first port of call for users to access "bang up to date" news.

It is not everybodies default to go to an organisations' website, in search for News.  However, whilst at your website, a User may decide to register for News to be broadcast to them.  So your News Articles must have the ability to broadcast through the methods they have subscribed to, such as;

  1. Email - directly to their email account
  2. RSS - directly to their RSS News Reader (often part of the email client program)
  3. Social channels - directly to new feed on Walls, Twitter feeds etc
  4. Hard Copy - posted Newsletters
  5. SMS Text - directly to mobiles
  6. Video feed - through video channel subscriptions

When you create a News Item you have to consider its' "newsworthiness".  Will your website target audience consider it of interest?  If so, how do you manage to draw their attention, whilst the News item is still in the time slot they might consider as "News"? By definition, the relevance of News diminishes with age.  On the other hand, News is also "content" which Search Engines will list and rank for you.  So, even after the "news worthiness" of a News Article has diminished, it still has a value to your website ranking.

News Items serve a further purpose on the Front of a website - they show the visitor that "Things are going on" with your organisation.

But for all the effort of creating the News article, the important thing is to feed / broadcast it to your subcribers and as much of your target audience as possible.  So multiple broadcast methods are essential.  And then - measure the outcome!  Judge whether it was worth the effort, learn lessons and incorporate them into your next item.

XPOR handles News as a specific object type - the "News Article".  Furthermore, News Articles work with "News Channels", which can be configured.

Share News via email - Newsletters

News articles are presented to the User via a web page.  In fact, when configuring your news Channel you will be required to point the News Channel at a web page that will "render" any News Articles that you add to the News Channel (as a child).  Consequently, using the URL this is added to the News Article itself, the user will open the News Item Object (under  News Channel) to have the system open the News Channel web page and render the News article content inside it.

Emails are generated and managed by XPOR from within the XPOR system via Email Campaign Manager.

RSS NewsFeed

RSS News Feed is a web technology that is primarily used to broadcast news to subscribers.  You are likely to have seen RSS advertised on websites, with a RSS News Feed Icon or similar icon

Social Media

News and Social; Media can be connected, to provide an Auto-publishing function that will process News Items straight through / onto a Social Media Platform account - such as Twitter.

News Methods and Social Media model


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