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The Facebook object allows you to tie in a facebook profile into XPOR. This allows for a series of features such as posting as the profile through XPOR.



First step to connecting your facebook profile is the 'Connect' button, (If you are signed into facebook on the browser it will handle this automatically). Assuming you're not already signed in on the browser, a new web page will open up asking for you to log into facebook. 


When you connect XPOR will retrieve the Facebook pages connected to your profile. These can be viewed on the 'Pages' tab.

It is recommended that you set a default page. This default page will be used in cases such as when you are posting to a page but have no supplied a page to post to.

The page list can be refreshed using the 'Refresh Page List' button located on both the 'Settings' and 'Pages' tabs.


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