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Web Pages are the places where your Users will be "doing the things" that you want them to do.  And that could be quite a lot of different "things" - submit a request, create an appointment, pay a bill, renew a service, contribute to a task ... an infinite range of possibilities.

How does XPOR satisfy this, WITHOUT NEEDING A WEB DEVELOPER?  Read on to find out!


The key to getting things done is to provide some function, and not just text on your web pages.  So, what do you want "done"? - what is your business / organisational requirement?  This is the inspiration for you to model your system; the way your system gathers data and manages the processes.  Put things into context in your model - the model will then provide you with the framework for how things "work" in your organisation.

Then "clever" will now be seen as less complicated.  Just take the bits from the places you need them and put them on a web page for your user to read / change / contribute etc.

Modelling your system is not essential to building an XPOR system - but you'll end up with one at some point.  So you might as well start with one!

Then, your clever pages can use the built-in functions of XPOR - e-commerce, automation, notifications, emails, permissions, data sources, import / export - and many other integrated "clever" things.

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