2 Administration Backend

Access to the back end of XPOR is only given to people with the correct Account status.  People who have full administration status can either access the administration system directly, with a standard address, or by editing a front end web page, where we provide a link to the administration system.

Although most of what can be seen and done in the XPOR administration system can effectively be brought to the front of the website, with Clever Pages and Forms etc. there really is no need in most cases.  The Back End system is easy to use and is prepared and ready for most purposes.

The Administration system is also subject to Permissions control, restricting, where necessary, administrators' access to things.

Accessing the Administration system

We provide two principal ways to access the administration system;

  1. The domains name - yourdomain/X5 - enter your username and password
  2. Front end pages (when logged in) quick link Cog

The Administration Page

All installations of XPOR use the same Back end interface;

XPOR Admin Interface

 The interface has the following key features;

XPOR Admin Page Map

The Start Button

The Start Button provides access to the navigation and other various tools / Applications installed on your XPOR.  Click the button to open the list;

The XPOR Start Button 

The individual features in the Start / Applications list are detailed individually.

The Task Bar

When you open Items in the XPOR administration system (as part of creating new or editing existing objects), they are both shown on the Desktop (as open objects) and listed on the Task Bar.  Object editors can be "shrunk", using the normal Windows icons, to the Task Bar.

Clicking on any item in the task bar will then re-open / focus on the Object Editor for that object.

XPOR Task Bar 

The Desktop

The XPOR Desktop can hold "QuickLinks" to open the object editor forms for the objects concerned.  In the image below we can see that right-clicking an object in the browser window opens a context menu, which includes an option to "+ Show on Desktop".  This creates an icon on the desktop for this purpose.  

XPOR Desktop 

The Jump To

The Jump To feature allows the user to type in the ObjectId number to instantly open that Object.  Simply type in the number concerned and press "return" or click the "Go" button to open the form.

XPOR Jump To 

The Session Timer

When users log into XPOR, a timer is started, this commences a 20 minute countdown.  The countdown is renewed every time that the user Saves an object or navigates the pages of the website.  This happens for each individual User.  By Default we set this period to 20 minutes.  If the User does nothing during the entire 20 minute period, their connection will "Time Out", i.e. they will need to re-log in for the system to re-authorise them. 

XPOR Session Timer 

The Hot Spot

The Hot Spot is a special XPOR feature: It is possible to drag / drop objects into it.  Here they are held, ready to be used in other functions.

XPOR Hot Spot