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Welcome to the XPOR web service Platform.  Let's get things started with the first, most obvious question - "how do I make a website?".  The place where my web service will be accessed and used.

When you purchased your XPOR Licence we provided you with a free website, which you could access with the web address we also set up for you.  We'll leave that address running for 6 months after your purchase!  This is a good place to start.  You can use it to "play" with the content editing tools - create, edit and delete webpages, have a look at the Templates and how they work with the webpages you can make with them. Also, check out how templates are made up of "Atoms" - and what Atom options you have available.

And then you will want to create your own service and point your own web address to the website.  So the first thing to do, if you haven't already, is to register and point your own website address to your new XPOR Website.  You can register web addresses with many "registrant" organisaions.  We use Cloudfloordns.com, who are well priced and have good tools for setting things up.

Making websites themselves is very - very simple.  We'll walk you through the process in simple, easy-to-follow steps.  And this Help Resource is always a good place to return to, when you want to make another new site - or quickly navigate to supporting Help resources.


You are probably thinking that websites are really complicated things - especially the one you are thinking of creating.  But the website itself is basically very, very simple - it's what you put inside them that takes all the work!

Getting a website up and running is a quick process. This gets it ready to add and manage your service, as you build it and add pages to the site.

Website Structure

 XPOR Website Structure

Website Installation Folder

The Website Installation Folder is a simple container for all things website.  You can have as many Website Installation Folders as you want.  When you create a website Installation Folder, XPOR will automatically create a Website object and the associated folders, template and themes - the tools necessary to get started with building the website.  In fact you can make as many Websites as you need, under a Website Installation Folder.  So there is a lot of flexibilty here.  So, to start with, let's just consider that a Website Installation Folder is for everything Website!

Please refer to the specific Help resource for Website Installation Folder, listed in the Right Hand Menu.


The Website Folder is the "Root" for your website.  One key thing you set on the Website Folder is the Web Address (URL) - the address that people use to access your home page.  e.g. https://xpor.com

Everything you build under the Website Folder is available for use / display on that website, using this web address as the first part of the full address.  e.g. https://xpor.com/web-service-platform.

Please refer to the specific Help resource for Websites, listed in the Right Hand Menu.

Website Folder

The Website Folder is used as a "section" for web pages.  e.g. "About XPOR" - which might contain the "Dev Team", "Licencors", "Roadmap" etc.

Please refer to the specific Help resource for Website Folder, listed in the Right Hand Menu

Web Page Templates

Web Page Templates are used to create web pages.  The Web Page Template provides the basic layout of the web page, together with what "function" goes where - such as the Menu, the content sections, Log-in, Forms etc..

The Web Page Template can be used to make as many web pages as you require.  You can have as many Web Page Templates as you require, usually a Website will have 3 or 4 templates (Home, Content, News etc.). 

Please refer to the specific Help resource for Web Page Template, listed in the Right Hand Menu.

Web Pages

Web Pages are the things that your users can see under your website. There are no restrictions on the number of web pages your website can have.

Please refer to the specific Help resource for Web pages, listed in the Right Hand Menu.

Register a website Domain and point it at your XPOR website

Some people are comfortable registering and controlling their own web addresses - i.e. www.mywebaddress.com.  The process is achieved using a "Registrar".  We mostly use Cloudfloordns.

Registering your new domain name usually only costs a few dollars.  But you may then have to pay an additional sum to be given access to a "control panel" where you can control where your webstie "points to".

You will need to point it at an "IP address" - a series of numbers that physically defines the server where a website is hosted.  This information is provided to you on purchasing your XPOR licence.  Once it is configured it may take a few "minutes" to spread this new information across the web. 

Some people will also want the XPOR installation to handle the Email for the new web address.  This also requires the use of the Registrars "Control Panel".  Instructions are provided with the XPOR licence purchase.  You may also require to set up an SSL certificate, to secure / encrypt email.

We recommend that you use Cloudfloordns to register and control your domain for web and email settings. 

Create a Website in your XPOR administration system

When you create a new Website Installation Folder, the system will also automatically create a website object and associated folders / files.  You are even provided with a basic Template and style Theme.


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