Xpor version 5.0.1 release

Published on: 17/03/2016

We are delighted to be releasing the next feature and bug update for XPOR (v5).  The XPOR platform is subject to continuous development.  Generally, bug fixes and feature updates are released every three weeks.

 In this latest release we have included the following updates;

  • Date Time control – More options / better validation / more flexible
  • Action Builder – save before firing action
  • Buttons moved – all forms to make more usable
  • New xodap function – RenderBoolean

Bugs addressed in this release include;

  • Date Time field and controls
  • Html Use Dirty not firing second save
  • Carets in the menu (left / right menu) styling break
  • Menu External Links – breaking internal to website
  • Object modeller Key ObjectID and ObjectName Fields auto-populating for Data sources
  • Control validation / ordering in object modeller Forms designer
  • On Create Object, Add object Form for non-core Object types