Xpor v 5.0.2 release note

Published on: 12/04/2016
Latest three weekly update and bug chase released on Schedule.
  • Email has been updated:
    • Cc and Bcc is now enabled, with tracking grids in each batch form
    • Shaun can now send from any contact in code. Not just 2…
    • Sending to organisations, org contacts and both on right click in send form is re-enabled. Can also be set on a group with contacts and orgs inside it.
    • Sending to linked email accounts from back end also re-enabled
    • Feedback when sending to a deleted contact saying you cannot send to the contact. It shows as a failed contact in the batch info
    • Email toolbar tooltip, ‘for on behalf of’ emails.
    • The tool tip is now dynamic and makes it more clear.
  • Date time field prompt – If reaches boundary it turns yellow like time difference.
  • Fixed collapsing on date time when using the month selector
  • Time difference now works with time fields
  • Fixed Object browser double load
  • Fixed issue with two time difference controls being open at once (doesn’t matter what form)
  • Added tab and enter system for quick entry into date time control
  • Added overflow on html editor
  • Association Types tree change (all collapsed)
  • Fix to hyperlink button
  • Video atoms provide name and objectId of object when in edit mode rather than video iframe
  • Master CSS file fix for black text in html editor side of tinymce.
  • Removed “delete all” from recycle bin context menu
  • Plus (+) encoding error fixed
  • Ability to customise Form Status Bar - Save and Reset options