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One of the controls that can be used on a Form, to display the data contained in a field that is HTML - rendered as HTML  For example, if an object has an HTML property - perhaps a table, or data with hyperlinks or some text with an image - the HTML Display Control will render this information correctly through the browser.

The attached video demonstrates its use.


How to Setup

When adding a HTML Display field to a form it needs to be positioned under a "Field Set Container" that is under a "Form". There is some customization for this Control, they are:

1) Data Binding. This is where you set up the binding to the field on the object that you want to display.

2) Field Label. The name that will appear next to the HTML Display field.

3) Field Width. The width in pixels that the HTML Display field will display, 0 is 100%.

4) Hide Label. If set to "True" the Label will be hidden.

5) Hide When Blank. If the field bound to this field is empty the HTML Display field will not appear instead of displaying an empty box.

6) Tool Tip Text. If text is in this field a white "i" in a blue circle will appear and when moused over the tooltip will appear.


HTML Display Field Control

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