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The XPOR Campaign Email Object is similar to a normal Email Object, in that it allows you to set up an email in XPOR which you can then send to people. But an XPOR Campaign Email object has some unique settings on it that lets you run an XPOR Marketing Campaign, so that you can create a campaign of e-mails to be sent out at specific times.


Just like normal Email objects, the benefits of an XPOR Campaign Email begin at being able to send the same email to a large group of people, e.g. a mailing list. After creating an XPOR Campaign Email object (this is done by navigating to an XPOR Campaign object, going to its Children under the Associations tab, and clicking New) you will be met with the Object Editor interface. Click on "Email Details" at the top to view the first list of settings. It will look like this:

These fields can be changed to the settings that you desire.

Sort Order

The number in this field will decide the order that the e-mail is sent in, starting at 1 and then proceeding upwards. The first e-mail you would want to send out would have a 1, and then subsequent e-mails would have 2, 3, 4 etc in this field. 

Users Per Batch

The number in this field decides how many users in the mailing list that the e-mail is sent to at once. This can be different for every e-mail depending on the type of marketing campaign you wish to run. User batches also allow you to check that everything is okay between the batches being sent out.


This is the actual e-mail object that you will be drawing information from. You can choose an e-mail that you've set up earlier, or you can make a new one. The contents and settings of this e-mail object will be the e-mail that is sent out on this batch - such as the actual contents of the e-mail, the e-mail template and the subject line.

Start Date

This is the date that the batch begins sending out users. It will start with the amount of users you've specified in the Users Per Batch field (so if it were set to 100 users, then the Start Date would send out e-mails to this batch on this date, before sending the next batch).

Delay Hours

This is the amount of time, in hours, between batches. It allows you to specify the interval at which batches of e-mails are sent out to people.

Batch Id

This field automatically fills in when the e-mail begins sending out - because once the process begins, the e-mail becomes visible in your Email Campaign Manager from the Start XPOR menu under either the Send Queue or Sent Emails pane. This is useful when you would like to find a specific batch while the campaign is active.

XPOR Campaign Emails, as the name implies, are designed to work in an XPOR Campaign. So once you've created your Campaign E-mail objects, you will want to link them to an XPOR Campaign in some form. If you created your Campaign E-mail objects by clicking "New" on an XPOR Campaign, they'll be automatically in place. If not, then you can also associate them to your XPOR Campaign via the Children type (which you've most likely already done when creating the object) and they will appear in the Emails tab of your Campaign object.

Once they're all set up on that Emails tab, and they have the options that you're happy with, then the only thing left to do is to actually start the campaign that sends the e-mails out. They'll be sent out at the time that you've set, and in batches of whichever number you chose in the Users Per Batch field. If you're unsure that the settings you've configured for your Campaign Email objects are correct you can go to the Settings tab of your Campaign object and check the "Send as Dry Run" box, which will do a test run of e-mail sending (which doesn't actually send any e-mails; it just demonstrates how the e-mails would be sent out on a real campaign).

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