Just the job for Christmas XPOR Auto-Publishing service!

Published on: 20/12/2017

XPOR is a 24 x 7 x 365 online web service.  Together with all of the automated, database driven services that comprise your web service, XPOR also provides an automated publishing service.  This is ideal for planning out and scheduling such things as News Articles.  Ideal for covering you for a Christmas (or any holiday) break!

Gone are the days when you could put up some “snow” and “We are closed for the Christmas break!”.  Your Global Audience needs to be constantly engaged with your service.  That may be due to new “things” being added to the service in its’ normal method of operation OR as a planned list of published articles, such as News Articles.

And given that XPOR News Channels can be linked to your Social Profiles, any holiday break can be covered with News and associated social posting, all scheduled well in advance of that well deserved break!

Let XPOR share the load Mr. Frodo!