XPOR 5.0.6 release note

Published on: 16/01/2017

The following enhancements have been provided in this release;

  • Events app tidying
  • Subscribeable services
  • Mailing list atom – required fields, status changes
  • Event ticket stock management
  • Auto cancelling orders
  • Forgotten password – load mask
  • Event registration atom changes
  • Speed up email recipient generation (switch to table-based, deduplication, user-defined table-type)
  • Full inheritance instead of one level in lone functions + SP’s
  • Deny delete for object ID’s 1+2
  • Email bounce management. Definition altered to global settings + possible XFLOW
    • Bounce to count consecutive bounces not all
    • Global max allowed to be set on connection, not batch (in DB, no interference)
    • Action or max requires discussion
  • Email – “send as new batch” recalculates from original values
  • Event programme changes (Icons and spelling)
  • Change log viewer
The Release alos includes XFLOW foundations.  XFLOW will be released as a major upgrade in Q1 2017.