XPOR 5.0.3 Release Note

Published on: 12/06/2016

The latest scheduled publish of XPOR has been completed, with a focus on the Forums, e-commerce and the usual bug fix / improvements process.

  • Ability to Watch forums AND topics.
  • Functional "tidying" of Forums
  • Ecommerce Refactoring to Improve speed on reliability
  • Styling Improvements to Ecommerce
  • Styling Improvements to Forums
  • Atoms Copy Paste Tool (beta)
  • Improvements to Advanced Search Open Location so can delete and perform actions "Open Location" button on advanced search context menu
  • Validation in Modeller when adding field to prevent name of constant set being same as the property name
  • Form Dirty System Improvements
  • Help Icon now appears on dashboard pods.

New Image Provider - Allows editors to "box" an image on the fly, to keep consistent size for images.  For example, when rendering lists of images for product etc.

Part of Removal of Association Type Categories being removed will be fully redundant by next publish