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Question sets are an object type used to model questionnaires in XPOR. Using this object type you could configure a questionnaire to appear on the front end of your site and record the answers of anyone who answers the questions. These are then stored in the back end of your XPOR for you to access at any time. This help resource will show you how to make a question set. To set up a question set on the front end of your site refer to the Question set form atom help file.


How to Setup

To begin with find where you want to make your question set (in a folder called question sets for example). Click the "+ New" button in the toolbar and then search for "question set" in the object types. Give your question set a name and then click the create button. You now have your question set object. To add questions to your question set, open the object, click the "Questions" tab and click "+ New".



You will then be presented with this screen where you can set up your question.

1: In the question box you can type the question you want to ask.

2: The question type drop down menu allows you to select how you want the question to be answered:
    Yes No: A simple Yes or No answer.
    Choice: A choice of several options.
    Single Line Text: A text box where a single line can be typed.
    MultiLine Text: A text box where several lines can be typed.
    CheckBox: A checkbox that can be ticked.

3: If you tick the Answer Required check box this sets the question to be compulsory and must be answered before the question set can be submitted.

4: The choices box allows you to add specific answers which can be selected (this is only relevant to the choice question type). To use this section you must choose your question type, save and exit, then re-open the question. Then you just need to click "+ New" to add an answer.
    Display Value: How it appears on the front end of the site.
    Value: How the system records the answer in the back end of the site.


Now you can make as many questions and answers of as many question types as you want! For how to set up a question set on the front end of your site refer to a separate help resource.

If you want to be notified by email when someone completes the Question Set go to the Associations tab of the Question Set Object. Select Answer Notifications in the Navigation section under Question Sets and add an association to your Contact Object. Now every time the Question Set is answered you wil recieve an email with the answers. 

Also if you want pressing the Submit button to take the viewer to a new webpage find Question Set Thank You Page (also under Question Sets in Navigation). Now add an association to the Web Page Object you wish them to see after submitting their answers. Once they click submit they will now be sent to that webpage.

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