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This is an implementation of google maps that can be used to show address-based objects, drawn shapes and drawn routes from the xpor system.


How does it work?

There are three object types that can be placed directly onto a map.

  • Map Layer
  • Map Route
  • Map Shapes layer (contains map shape objects)

Please see the Supporting Resources for descriptions of how to use these object types.

Multiples of each can exist on the same map, each becoming its own layer on the map, and therefore a named entry in the map legend (if this is chosen as an option)

What are the atom configuration options?

Root Object

The "container" type object that has within it the Map object/s that define what is to be displayed on the map

Center On

Allows you to choose a specific object from the system (containing address information) on which to centre the map when it first loads.


The level of zoom at which the map first loads.

Show Legend

A simple yes/no option as to whether to show the legend.  The legend will show the name of the objects within the container and their colours.  It also allows you to show/hide the layer markers, so if you have various layers it becomes an easy way to filter what you are viewing.

Legend Position

Show the legend at the top, bottom, left or right

Legend Title

An optional field, if you choose to add text here it becomes the title of the legend within a heading 2 (h2) element

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