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Data Sources are Object Modeller configured collections of data.  This Help Resource discusses the Association Query Guided type of Data Source, following on from the Associaitons Query type Data source.  We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Associations Query type Data Source before reading this Help Resource.


Object Structure

The various Data Source types that can be created with Object Modeller provide access to the object model and, thereby, the structure of your web service - every object and every association type.  The Associations Query Guided type of Data source works with a pre-configured Query (separate Help Resource) to provide access to all of the objects and properties in the XPOR system, as they are added and edited in day-to-day work.

For example, this type of data source can return data from a Site, its' Projects, the Projects Products, the Products Documents and the Documents CDs - all / any of these objects properties being displayed on Grids

This Help Resource developes on the previous Help Resource that explained the Associations Query type of Data Source.  We recommend this is researched prior to studying this Help resource.

In the previous Associations Query example we have a fairly involved Model;

Basic Model example


The Query path Guided Query

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