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Data Sources are Object Modeller configured collections of data.  This Help Resource discusses the SUB-TABLE type of Data Source, following on from the basic Table type Data source.  We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Table type of Data Source before reading this Help Resource.


Data Source Type Sub-Table

Sub Tables are similar to Tables in the way XPOR an use them as Data Sources.  Sub Tables are properties of Object Types, added whilst creating the object (A separate Help Resource has been provided for the Sub Table property of Object Types).  An Object Type can have any number of sub table properties.  To use a sub table as a Data source, the first task is to select the Object Type.  This will present all available sub tables on that Object Type.

XPOR Sub Table Data source

Sub Table Name

Once selected, the Data source can be configured with "fields", "Order By" and "Search Query" as explained for the Table type of Data source.

Please refer to the attached video for a demonstration of adding a Sub Table property to an Object Type - eventually setting up a Data Source using the Sub Table to ppopualte an object editor grid form.

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