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Copy and Paste enables rapid development of a system.  XPOR has several options for how to do this.


Copy and Paste is a means of rapidly growing a system through the administration system.  For example, if an administrator wants 20 web pages to be written - perhaps by a group of people, a quick method of achieving this is to make one web page, and copy it and paste it repeatedly into appropriate sections.  Then you can instruct the team to populate / edit each page as required.

But there are two options for copy and paste in an object oriented system.  Firstly, there is copy - to clipboard.  This option simply holds the object on a clipboard - and allows the administrator to paste (associate) it in other locations.  For example, a " contact us" web page may be required in two places.  To achieve this it can be made (as a single page) and then copied to the clipboard and pasted into the second location.  One webpage in two locations.

Alternatively the administrator can "Paste as New".  This will create a brand new object of the same type, with the same name, other properties and all children (also created as new objects), which will be pasted into the new location, with the same structure.

The attached video shows this feature being used.

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