Currencies (Auto Update)

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XPOR includes a currency system in which you can enable various currencies that you wish to use as part of the Ecommerce system. The currency system works on an auto update basis and each day will retrieve the lastest exchange rates. In case it fails to update the currencies it will then try again from a different source. In order for the auto update feature to work you need to set it up and add at least one currency.

It is also possible to disable the auto update feature if you need manually entered exchange rates.



First you must enable the currencies you want to use and the default currency that you want the exchange rates to be calculated from. 

To view this list you must navigate to Control Panel -> Currencies.

From here it is possible to edit the currency by double clicking on the row you wish to edit. This editor is mostly read only but you can change the "Exchange Rate", "Default" and Enabled" properties.

To disable the currencies auto updating you can change the system setting "Auto Update Currency" to false. The system settings are found in the Control Panel -> System Settings.

From here it is also possible to add a "Currency Offset Multiplier" which is number which all currencies (apart from default) will be multiplied by. This is used if you want to charge extra for using a different currency. For example a multiplier of 1.05 will give a 5% increase to all currencies that arent the default.


The currencies are updated using this xml

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