Automating websites

Published on: 16/11/2017

It's your web service (machine!) you build it how you want it!

Okay, here's a biggy!  All through XPOR's existence you have been able to easily configure "on click" actions - to open another form or pop out a warning.  But some actions were still requiring some code work.  And so we weren't 100% happy with our bold claim - NO DEVELOPERS NEEDED.

We've sorted that one out now by releasing XFLOW, our name for the automation of objects and all the spin-off's that follow.  All of the cases, such as;

  • "When I click this, I want that to change"
  • "When this date arrives, I want that to change"
  • "When this things changes, I want that thing to change like this"
  • "When this thing becomes associated to that thing, then we must create a new "other thing"".
  • "If this thing is changed, then send an email to these people"
  • "If this thing changes, then change the people who can see that thing"

Soooo many people have been crying out for full automation of objects and their interactions.  It's here now!  You are now able to manage your business activities again - yourself.