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The Attachment object type contains the file that is to be listed in an attachment listing atom.  Additionally it enable a generic file to be listed on a web page


The Attachment Object Type is provided as a container for generic files, to either be listed in conjunction with the Attachment Listing Atom or as the target for a standard web page link.  The Attachment object type can be linked to web pages, or any urlable container.

Simple Content Management Systems allow user to upload files to a central store, from where they can be linked to web pages etc. XPOR, on the other hand, enforces better file management practices, for website file storage.  Continuing the mantra that "everything is an object" the generic fill cannot simply be dropped onto the web server, for indiscriminate linking.  Instead it must be added as an Attachment Object, which itself must be located within the structure of the system.

The Attachment Object Type only has one discrete property, the Attachment File.


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